Amazing KITE Flying!

Its amazing what this old man can do with a kite!

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25 Responses to Amazing KITE Flying!

  1. KuberAx3


  2. 007Proti

    Very Nice Programm

  3. mjej4433

    dat is weird!!!

  4. kitelife

    @drumfreak14: It only has 100K because the actual Kitelife upload has 324,960 views on it… This was re-posted without consultation.


    It’s all good, Ray is awesome, the more people that see him, the better. :)

  5. IWillRiseAbove1

    A new favorite of mine!

  6. MsKimmova

    that was more than amazin

  7. drewditty

    Oh man these kites are cool…Do you think that a dog would like to watch this? No… I bet he would get bored!…. Hmmmm I wonder what a dog would like to do in a park?

  8. yosepmarius


  9. f00f1

    @matricafranca are you bent or wat?

  10. f00f1

    i realy want to get back into flying kytes! but a trumatic experience as a kid involving a kodak camera and my dignity has prevented me for years, i just want the feeling of piece of cloth dancing with dignity and pride across the sky attached to my hands via a piece of string again agian!!!!!! when will i recover?

  11. MrPetermackin

    isnt this the guys thats also deaf?

  12. Grey80002

    That guy is like the Charles Bronson of kites…

  13. welstijlfilms

    I published this video on the Dutch website WELSTIJL (6 april) Kind regards Sem Mallée

  14. ziplock56655

    wow, amazing.

  15. matricafranca

    how could you do that?amazing!!!!

  16. Dogfoodsa

    Very, very cool.

  17. thunderr846

    man ! this is f …. awesome WOW

  18. thunderr846

    man ! this is f …. awesome WOW

  19. splintercell40

    i love kites i have the country dog pound kind

  20. realalien

    Amazing!!… Does he have a flight school? I want to learn.!!

  21. edwardinlbc

    Wow this is mesmerizing! I love to fly my stunt kite! But 3 kites at once! You are the man! Awsome to watch! lot of fun!

  22. z00100


  23. puppetpatti

    incredible! I want to learn to do that!!!!!!!! Many Stars!

  24. LupeOneLeo

    Incredible! Those are dual-line stunt kites, unless I’m mistaken. You need two hands just to fly one, and he’s flying three all by himself? And that well? That’s amazing!

  25. 8712222q


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