An Honest Review ? My Best Kite


You only have to look at the table of contents for to realise that this really is the most definite guide to kites and kite building that you could ever get. No stone has been left unturned in an effort to provide the reader with all of the kite building information they need.


The ebook has been put together by Tim Parish, an expert in kite building as well a kite flying and the information that he shares in really is something of an eye opener. One aspect  of the ebook which really does make it stand out is the attention to detail that is given and the photographs which accompany the instructions.


This makes the whole process of building a kite extremely straight forward and as the whole procedure is laid out in a step by step manner there will be little doubt that you will be left with a kite that actually flies successfully.


The instructions for each kite comes with a sail template graphic which shows the measurements and the shape of the kite you are putting together. The instructions that are given will ensure that the finished product will achieve perfect left to right symmetry which will mean that the kite will always fly stable.


Tim recommends that when you have built the kite you should compare how it looks with the photograph. If you have been taking note of the easy to follow steps, your kite will look exactly the same as the example and fly just how it should do. You should also not forget how much money you have saved by putting the kite together yourself, using value for money resources and tools that you already have. You will also experience the admiring glances from other kite flyers whilst at the same time, knowing that this is something you put together yourself.

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Read my recent review of My Best Kite Review and see how easy it is to learn how to fly your kite successfully.

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