Power Kiting II

Jumping with my KITE!!! (part 2) this kite is produced in Italy. dimension: linear meter = 5 square meters = 5 have fun! (I sell in order to pass to more large kite) please rate!   …Read more

God’s own country – Family flying kites


Image by Pandiyan

Morgan with kites


Morgan with kites
At the Long Beach kite festival in 2003
Image by dalem

SONG OF THE DAY FOR MAY DAY (which is May 1st by the way): "Bloom" by the Paper Kites! #ohmygeeze #sogood   …Read more

Q&A: looking for a place to buy afghanistan fighting kites?


looking for a place to buy afghanistan fighting kites?
i’ve been reading the kite runner. awesome book. i know i’m VERY interested in the eastern cultures and i have done several searches. i want a   …Read more

Ozone Snow Kite 2006

This is the latest snow kite promo video from Ozone, manufacturers of power kites , snow kites, kitesurf kites and paragliders.

How do I get my kite to fly really high?

Every time I try to get my kite really high it gets to a point and flips and does a nosedive.It is a paridise bird. Basicly is a fansy delta kite.
It already has a   …Read more

A New San Francisco Kite Boarding School, Kite the Bay Announces the Use of a Kite Pole to Teach Students Boarding Skills

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2011 San Francisco kite boarding school, Kite the Bay is based on Treasure Island has designed an apparatus to help students get comfortable riding a board.
For those wanting   …Read more

How do you make a kite out of recycled items?


How do you make a kite out of recycled items?
My whole school is building kites for Earth Day/Fly a Kite Day. & We have to build kites, but they have to be out of   …Read more

What ancient chinese dynasty invented the kite and when?

I have to do a kite project for school. I can’t find this information anywhere! I really need to know this for my report! I need to know what dynasty invented kites and in what   …Read more

Red Baron Kite

This Smithsonian Licensed replica airplane kite was modeled after real aircraft in the legacy of aviation. We worked with the Curator of the Smithsonian to assure these planes are historically correct. Each full color header   …Read more

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