Brighton Kite Jumping EXTREME

Check out these lunatics usings kites to do things like backflips and massive jumps!!

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25 Responses to Brighton Kite Jumping EXTREME

  1. rcfreak2493

    ok this might sound like a stupid question but i have a 4 slingshot and im lookin for alot more power. i wanna jump ad high and long as possible. now would a pansh ace 8m or 12m be better for kit jumping? obviously the 12m has more power but im wondering if the speed differences in the kites would make a difference in that you need the perfect balance of speed and power. which one should i get for the biggest jumps?

  2. samisim2

    go in the water and make unhook lol =D

  3. 123456duggie

    0:31 ROFL!!!! if he had connected that would have been a cracker!

  4. jmr1068204

    @partyongarth420 That’s like bench pressing weight and “bouncing” it off the chest – as opposed to a flat out lift of pure power. Which is better?

  5. jmr1068204

    @partyongarth420 Uhh…something off from JUST flat ground is FAR more impressive than jumping off from a hill “cheating” by already being in the air and basically just jumping and falling back down slowly due to wind resistance on the kite. Attaining a jump from flat ground and achieving 10+ feet high is quite impressive considering the brute force it takes to do that, as opposed to jumping off a hill.

  6. Croat215

    Nice vid

  7. steve1oo

    Brilliant Video mate , i live in Brighton and am doing videos on Summer sports this is totally somthing i think could be of interest, do you still do this?

  8. B34ST1Y

    AMAZING video…makes me want to go buy one of those kites

  9. iam1337ami

    dammit…u thommys r sick^^

    nice vid with liftmonster blade3…

  10. dopicitu

    hey thats cool, where to get this kite ?

  11. dreadnot427


  12. seoceancrosser

    get a real set and jump out of an airplane. amateur hour was a nice slow compliment to my morning.

  13. scy4ce

    I Love You guys…within me

  14. lyrcmn6795

    Holy SHIT! them guys are insane fuckers!

  15. TheDisturbed11

    lol look up power kite in hurricane most retarded thing I have ever seen!

    nice video and can someone send me a msg answering my question thx.
    Is the beamer IV 4m kite good for jumps?

  16. blc0527

    partyongarth would piss in pants… maybe worse…. if he attempted this

  17. johnvassoura

    man that fight on the beginning was well funny
    that guy that tried to punch the other one was a complete fail

  18. XxBaRHoMxX

    wont be new video mate ? this is 4 years now and no new video

  19. 4udiOne

    the season begins ??? everytime is a season

  20. snofo48

    i think you should look for a flexifoil blade.
    this kite is made for kitejumping
    or you can look for a peter lynn twister
    i have this kite and i think it is also very good
    the beamer don’t have enough lift

  21. zoopezoop

    i am a beginner (only kite i own is a 2 line big buzz). I was thinking of getting a beamer 4m to start jumping with. Is that alright? or do i need something else for the kind of stuff in this video? I have looked up the blade 4.9m and it sounds pretty bad for beginners

  22. theclemgos

    @partyongarth420 thankyou for your well thought out indepth analysis of my video :)

  23. theclemgos

    @zoopezoop 4.9m blade 3. on windy days!!!!

  24. zoopezoop

    what kite would you recommend for doing this kind of stuff? (i’m 10 stone)

  25. Vark321

    try it yourself before you complain.

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