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Kites are made for flying right?  If you are planning a party or special event, then take a walk on the wild side and wow the crowd with a theme created with an assortment of kites.  They make great accent pieces for room décor.  In some cases they are used to enhance the theme of the event.  Kites have been used to brighten up clinics, as decoration for charity dinners, for library displays, and of course for special parties.  All you need in your imagination and the “Sky is the Limit”.

The Flower Firm of Chicago designed a summer birthday party that would enchant even Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. The presentation sparked the imagination of all who celebrated. James Papajohn and Lynn English applied their exceptional creative talents to build a replica of a Pirate Ship with sails made of butterfly kites. The result was out of this world. They chose an assortment of hand-painted Bali Butterfly Kites, Karner Blue Butterfly kites, Swallowtail Butterfly Kites, Red Forest Butterfly Kites, Monarch Butterfly Kites, and Mystic Butterfly Kites. Colorful tables were decorated with bright pink and purple linens and placed on o floor that captured the look of the cool, green ocean. The Flower Firm deserves a big applause for helping to make someone’s birthday party a huge success.

As the Florist for the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago since 1999 and a preferred vendor for the Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, Cafe Brauer, Chicago History Museum, House of Blues, River East Arts Center and Several other Chicago Landmarks, The Flower firm is a unique resource for decor, fabric, lighting and stunning florals. They will combine their incredible design and decor concepts with your sense of style to create a tailor made event.

Will of the Wind thanks James Papajohn and Lynne English of the Flower Firm for permission to write this review and for their professional, courteous communication with us. Written – Will of the Wind  The Flower Firm

Jan Hazelton is an artist and designer. She has an avid interest in sculpture, music, painting and gardening. Her sculptures have been shown in galleries throughout Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.

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