‘Dil Kyun Yeh Mera’ – Kites (2010) *HD* – Full Song – DVD – Music Video

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'Dil Kyun Yeh Mera' - Kites (2010) *HD* - Full Song - DVD - Music Video

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22 Responses to ‘Dil Kyun Yeh Mera’ – Kites (2010) *HD* – Full Song – DVD – Music Video

  1. pronning11


  2. missaanjii

    ppl love dis song m living it !!!!!!

  3. pnodian


  4. dopeboee

    @scoobydoo4818 is screwed up..go watch scooby doo in cartoon network kiddo..

  5. Brad3619

    I love u Barbara):

  6. simpleexaplee

    beautiful song with beautiful people in it… all in a beatiful move :D ?<3

  7. simpleexaplee

    @scoobydoo4818 y wud u watch it while u dont evn like it?? :/

  8. samshash

    @andrewmanagan2 maybe he needs a scooby snack..lol

  9. thevroxx

    what a fabulous song!! KK rocks :)

  10. andrewmanagan2

    @scoobydoo4818 Go watch some shit show like scooby doo then. Pagal hai.

  11. anrlinker

    beautyful song and beautyful Barbara!

  12. scoobydoo4818

    f fag song

  13. sarjeetsingh100

    GR888888888 song
    hrithik is lookin so smrt….

  14. rahulhacker1

    wow,only hrithik can be a hollywood star,looks like tom,what a song,i cant believe tht ,this movies flopped,nope,hrithik is a complete package,i luv u,after amitabh,u r the next super star,salman.shahrukh,imran,they r just like a child in front of u.

  15. NYCBollywood

    kangana has finally got a role where she’s not completely psycho!!! cant wait to see more of hrithik and barbara in the future :)

  16. jessethandi

    this is very old song from sonu nigam

  17. Dejin85

    Love IT! Loved the movie and the Songs!! It’s GREAT!!

  18. thebadboy960

    What a shit f*****ding
    So boring ye nooooo

  19. star1kashi

    love this song…
    i wonder u will upload this movie?
    jux asking

  20. bwfan87

    Beautiful song, romantic n soothing!!! I love it!!! Hrithik n Barbara awww wht a beautiful pair!!!

  21. MirchiRecords

    hmm nice song

  22. Piya93

    hrithik looks like a model :O he looks so much better now!

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