‘Fire’ – Kites (2010) *HD* – Full Song – DVD – Music Video

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'Fire' - Kites (2010) *HD* - Full Song - DVD - Music Video

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25 Responses to ‘Fire’ – Kites (2010) *HD* – Full Song – DVD – Music Video

  1. abhishekban1

    katto video……………….

  2. diptobannerjee

    i know hritik is awesome as alwayzz but did anyone notice kangana she tried her best to keep up with hrithik

  3. manojkumar31343

    its rocking hrithik once again

  4. TheRealSuperbatXS

    haha, are they taking a break at 1:39?

  5. sachinsexy1990

    yes everyone seens kaho na pyaar hai

  6. 2997ANKIT

    has anybody seen KAHO NA PYAAR HAI???????

  7. ebuddzz

    kangana is a mind blowing actress
    wow hritik kangana burnt the dancefloor in this song

  8. chand145

    @azharahmedp dude you know it,actually duggu is his pet name.happy to see it

  9. kajol546

    You can see the live performances of Hrithik and then you will believe that he is a great dancer for ex:Filmfare.To be a fan of someone it’s to know everything about him…

  10. azharahmedp

    duggu, what a dancer?

  11. azharahmedp

    @ronthepunisher no doubts yaaar

  12. anandsomi

    i m talking abt the stunts shown not the dance he done idiot ….. u r talking like u live wid him ………. read well bf4 answeing ……………..

  13. anandsomi

    if he perfoems these stunts in llive show then i would beleive tht he performd himself ………….. have some common sense u stupid fans can believe on anything …………. fuck off …………..

  14. SmitaAgarwal

    @anandsomi but yeah m not sure about kangana ranaut

  15. SmitaAgarwal

    @anandsomi for your kind information this is not animated this dance form is known as acrobats and hrithik roshan knows this form

  16. anandsomi

    fucking idiots ….. the most of the stunts done in the video are animated …… grow up u stupid morons ………… yeah but he is a good dancer no doubt abt tht ………….

  17. siddu9898

    @ukisdabst no

  18. Anindita9991

    I frekin lov Hrithik :) xoxoxooxoxo, thnx 4 d uplod…….

  19. ukisdabst

    copy of the step up movies?

  20. ronthepunisher

    Hrithik is The Best Bollywood Dancer

  21. idk924

    Hrithik set that stage on fire with your breath taking moves, no can deny and you are the supreme dancer!

  22. shubhammady

    @MrVnaithani -wht the ansr
    no one like hritik

  23. navroz1

    yr hw 2 download d video…???

  24. raghavemo

    god of dancing = hrithik

  25. needo09

    hrithik over shahid. anyday, anywhere!

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