Fun Flyer, Fringe Delta, Tie Dye 32″x14″

The kite of choice for many first time flyers, our deltas are easy to fly and have the ability to stay aloft in a broad range of wind conditions. Because deltas require so few struts, they are a cinch to assemble and break down. And with one tail loop, deltas are perfect for accessorizing with a variety of graceful tails to make each flyer's experience unique.

  • The kite of choice for many first time flyers
  • Will stay aloft in a broad range of wind conditions

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RT @thakite: New Kite: Video: Paris Hilton shoe line in Mexico? - - by SiTVModelLatina (Model Latina)

Wind at 25mph.....kite is going UP - by neilcowley (Neil Cowley)

K- have you ever flown a Kite? — yh - by Bettefindenxx (Bette finden.)

Could discover electricity with a key and a kite #bigben - by thedirtycurran (George Curran)

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