Grand Trine in Fire, with 2 kites (Libra & Gemini). How can I make it work for me?

Grand Trine in Fire, with 2 kites (Libra & Gemini). How can I make it work for me?

I have attached my chart, but I am interested to know about my trine and 2 kites, as I cannot find much about it on the net.

Can anyone shed any light on the trine and kite aspects of my chart?

Thank you.

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Answer by ??? Twi§t?d ???
I have a grand trine in water signs with a kite formation in earth. The grand trines are said to be a very harmonious but also lazy aspect. (Taking the easy way out or letting your life drift) The Kite is more dynamic than the Grand Trine because that normally stressful opposition aspect breaks the symmetry and focuses the “energy.” That opposition should be what you focus on when interpreting this part of the horoscope.
You should focus on your Libra and Gemini planets to activate the Grand trine and reap the benefits of your fortunate grand trine in fire.

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