Great kite team “The Flic” 2005 (5 kites)

A lot more kite videos on my blog : The FOUR LINE INTERNATIONAL CLUB ( FLIC ! ) Revolution Kite team from France - 2005 - with 5 Kites

Great kite team "The Flic" 2005 (5 kites)

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25 Responses to Great kite team “The Flic” 2005 (5 kites)

  1. styroyou


  2. styroyou


  3. HSABrasil

    melhor exibição de kites que tive oportunidade de ver … sem duvida um ótimo trabalho…muito bom…VERY GOOD…AMAZING AND INCREBLE!

  4. KillerDrummer88

    wow bravissimi, incredibile quando si allontanano cosi tanto!

  5. derkleinebuntepilz

    woow! good job! :D

  6. TheMrBlinx

    Very cool! They should put glow sticks on them and do it at night. Heck, they should put glow sticks on all of ‘em and be out at night. That would be cool.

  7. MrTommi2009

    Wie geil ist das denn,das ist KUNST !!!
    Musik passend auf die Show abgestimmt,echt genial,nun muss ich mir wohl noch einen Drachen kaufen,lach..

  8. Vanganator

    wow, that was amazing!

  9. TheAlleycat6

    i would like to see what each individual could do O_o

  10. PanshirTv

    the is what i called true kite running

  11. loc802


  12. luk940

    spettakolare!!! XDXDXDXD

  13. babuka1

    Great, amazing…

  14. lonewolfandcube

    tolle arbeit und wunderbar geflogen vg lonie

  15. jcslppu77

    Very Nice! And weird :s I dont know how they do that without crashing :x, anyways, Song Name?

  16. brymarella

    That was amazing!

    How do you not get the lines tangled?

    Inspirational – thank you.

  17. Calvertfilm

    I want a Rev kite next.

    Anyone know what the music is?

  18. squalea

    wow that’s so cool… everybody else is flying their noobian kites and here come these cats with their ridiculous skills XD awesome vid!

  19. txstatebobcat2008

    Amazing. The control and technique….

  20. moailine


  21. reylyn4ever

    this is remote kite w/ the same program… i think

  22. landesmuli

    WOW!! :) you are amazing!!

  23. densio1987

    atik mani… trick!!!!

  24. dancerocker343

    woulnt the string get tangled up!?!?

  25. Nile505

    I just cant believe people can fly that well…that takes it to a whole new level

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