[Guardian] Dutch scientists generate electricity with kites

2008.08.01 Dutch scientists have successfully demonstrated a plan which could harness renewable energy, by flying a 10 metre kite.

[Guardian] Dutch scientists generate electricity with kites

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8 Responses to [Guardian] Dutch scientists generate electricity with kites

  1. prollandjayver

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  2. violafinishda

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  3. KoalaLumpUhr

    Well… Ok… And how does this work?

  4. mykitetrip

    no wonder I always feel lit, when kiting. I’ve felt static electricity when kiting near dark clouds. Not good.

  5. nadanada123

    pretty good

  6. motorspear903

    This would be a great way for a small city to get power without using water.

  7. maui2543

    Please!! Watch the movie “Who killed the electric car?”, “The eleventh hour” (from Leonardo Di Caprio), etc…. Do your own research and learn why we are responsibles for contamination; we all have the things we need to change this world! And this video is a little example that this is posible!!

  8. Odziz

    Any more info, a website maybe ?

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