How to make a traditional Kite

This is a very traditional kite you can make. Takes a couple of sticks and a plastic bag. Add some string and masking tape and you are ready to go. More kite projects on my website, and lots of other projects too!

How to make a traditional Kite

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25 Responses to How to make a traditional Kite

  1. phydhel

    Do you have a video of this kite in action? Great video by the way!

  2. junkai44

    can i use metal wire instead of wood?

  3. idomyreportsincrayon

    YOu are amazing <3

  4. RcWorld7

    @Landotter1 hi, yes dihedral makes a big difference, i am fling with no tail! hehe, when talking abou kites, i’m a newb but tell me about rc planes :)

  5. Landotter1

    You forgot adding dihedral. Just tie a piece of string with a loop on each end and tlooping it to the cross spar to bow the spar a little. This will add stability to the kite and make it much more fun. The hole in the middle gag isn’t much good. Add a bridle to the front, tied to the crossed wood and the bottom of the kite. Set a loop for the angle and you’re done and it will be a stable flying kite. So many times, people forget the basic things that make a kite fly well…. Good vid, though.

  6. radski911

    take it outside and show us if your fkin kite flies

  7. fightthepower212

    usually when I use plastic to make a kite I sow it to the string and it works the same way, the thing is that when im gonna fly it I take longer to pt the string cause its gotta go all centered and I end up throwin it away…(unless im bored and have nothing to do)

  8. gargamel55

    lol.. he says “doo doo” at 2:27

  9. MrQarsim

    Great video
    When I lived in Pakistan for 2 years I saw a kid making a kite from a small plastic bag and a very very thin bamboo maybe 3mm thick
    It flew like a dream got as high as 50meters easy

    I have made a few myself

  10. danmee1001


  11. phantasmaish


  12. voodoobny

    @lordfranz24 – ooops, sorry. i just really enjoyed the video and thought you were criticizing. =

  13. lordfranz24

    @voodoobny i think you misunderstood what i said it’s my fault as well i didn’t make it clearer sorry anyway, what i meant to say was you can put a little bit of music then move to your narration then back to music so it takes some boredom away and gives you this live astonishing video.

  14. voodoobny


    Is your life so lacking you have to criticize just so someone knows you exist? Tsk.

  15. lordfranz24


  16. mutak96

    Hi back in 1995 my best friend who passed away was the king of making and flying kites,he used the same classic bin liner kite your showing here.I swear down he would just cut a diamond out of the bag two sticks and two holes for the string with an extra long tale,swear down the kites would disappear in to the clouds.Thanx for the vid,I think its time to let it ride again.

  17. enriqueisthebest

    @epicfantasy ok thanks

  18. epicfantasy

    @76sagi Yes, I think that would work very well. That material is pretty light right?

  19. 76sagi

    I have a light nylon ripstop fabric- do you believe I can apply your techniques diplayed on this video with my fabric (but sewing instead of taping)? Thanks!

  20. epicfantasy

    @enriqueisthebest no, I don’t think tissue paper will work. I think it will tear in the wind. You have to judge this by the exact paper.

  21. enriqueisthebest

    This video is really useful, I’m going to make kites with a group of girls can tissue paper be used instead of the plastic bag so that it looks prettier and appeals more to the girls? Thanks

  22. paulrpmg

    thanks alot eh!

  23. atnl1229

    hi, so whats the ratio of the kite?

  24. PummeFee007

    can you explain how to real class strings for the real kite fights? (i know awkward question but i just read the kite runner and i loved the book btw, but it got me interested in making and flying kites…)

  25. ScopeNo

    Dude lemme tell ya, we had to make a kite for our class. I’m a sophomore so I have no idea why. Anyway, I had no idea how to make a kite. Then I watched your vid and so far so good. I’ll get back to you with my grade ;)

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