Kite Basics – Build a Kite

Purchase: This kite project is designed to support the flight unit of the flight curriculum at the elementary school level. The video includes step by step instructions for building a kite. This is an excellent project for youth clubs, Brownies, Cubs etc. This simple sled kite is an excellent flyer and is easy to build. The terms lift, gravity, drag and tension are discussed as they relate to kites. The video concludes with suggestions for experimenting with kite design.

Kite Basics - Build a Kite

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18 Responses to Kite Basics – Build a Kite

  1. Maartenn100

    You are presenting physics and math like the Macgyverseries ones did. Physics and maht become very exciting.

  2. MrXtronnick

    I wish i knew you,you will be the best friend in my life as im so deep interested on all kind of science !!!

  3. arnoldaszlt

    man it is osom +5

  4. Y0H1MBE

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  5. mezard91

    Im from Argentina and im studying engineering here. Your projects are awesome, keep on working like that!

  6. loloballofstomber

    thank you

  7. ryanmail2004

    huh…whats SI, and we are the superior ones ty

  8. Perscriptions

    Hm yes! :D
    All of my future kites will only speak AE. ^^
    Nooo! But I still don’t understand why the British people who ‘moved out’ of Europe changed all of their units…

  9. didierlassus

    Does saying “SI Units” bring up the rest of the worlds’ superiority complex?

  10. ryanmail2004

    “strange US units”? You just need any reason to bring up your inferiority complex. US is invading your kites now!

  11. Perscriptions

    Hm? :o

  12. ryanmail2004

  13. undernewchurch

    I’m from Germany and always following your videos. I’m studying physics in Munich.
    Really good and interesting projects!

  14. invunable

    Awesome kite! Now you won’t need to worry about buying those fancy-expensive kites from Wal-Mart or anywhere else, you can just make your own!

    This is awesome, I like the one that the Brazilian man made with the 7 other kites attached. Brilliant idea!


  15. Perscriptions

    And again I’m glad you live in Canada!
    What an effort it would have been to build this kite with the strange US-units…
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. heven729

    so simple yet so much fun! thanks for the video!

  17. RDJim

    wow, very simple design.

  18. rax2099


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