Kite Surf – Aaron Hadlow

world champion PKRA video

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Kite Surf – Aaron Hadlow

  1. 5ow689

    strike kite! i have the same atm…

  2. theadventuresofmary

    awesome song, whats it called?

  3. william6198640

    Inbox me, ill help you out bru

  4. garrettmacklin

    @masterofpoijosh join a kite forum and ask there or email a kite shop. They’ll be happy to help

  5. masterofpoijosh

    can somebody tell me which kite and equipment brand to buy if i want to begin kitesurf.

  6. dennisdeslager0

    @djsak95 I agree

  7. djsak95

    depending of the circustances

  8. dennisdeslager0

    @djsak95 not that much

  9. juliaflohr

    its called “deep enough”, but its remixed here :)

  10. 1stzooyork

    song pls

  11. 1stzooyork

    if you’re good at it you can get rich with nearly everything ….

  12. djsak95

    you kan be a teacher and win 50 euros per hour like 70 dollars

  13. mariocaballeromartin

    you need to be rich to do kite…
    shit sport

  14. corkoram

    ive met him, hes really mellow and down to earth. He realises the bigger picture..

  15. HR4239610a

    is it possible to get rich by kitesurfing?

  16. Windflowngng

    he’s has style but its annoying to watch … and actually he looks like a annoying person :P xD

  17. haodoudo1

    wats the name of dis song?

  18. ludvignordin

    dude, he is hardcore.

  19. sebastian7412

    He is afucking CRACK

  20. sebastian7412

    esta bien

  21. madmick199

    looks like about 13m

  22. SvamSociety

    i’m going to start but if i wait 5 kg how big does my kite needs to be

  23. fede79k

    pull on the other side of the bar

  24. kitesurfingtrev

    What i always do is keep the bar pulled in.. keep diving the kite over and over.. and push out every once in a while

  25. generalbugs

    I’m beginner, had 6hours lessons on kiting.
    how can i keep pulling the ‘bar’?
    when i keep pulling that bar my kites goes down.

  26. paulo1111000

    WHat the fuck was that =D

  27. xlr8is2fast

    looks so sick, but difficult >.<

  28. adamzom

    Quite addicting video and music….. feels like more!!

  29. BrickFlims

    That’s a pretty intense duct tape helmet mount.

  30. TheFuzzysurfer

    you Guys are awesome

  31. theo231filmpjes

    This is sick and close to SCSD….I’ve been to EIger but going down like this is mad.

    Be some what more careful Guys !

  32. xXHotWireXx

    so freaking awsome holy shit

  33. MrBmx4eva

    @curlcurllocal I don’t know but it sounds cool

  34. billymisfits

    we’re living in serious times

  35. ridergurun

    just sick

  36. curlcurllocal

    @MrBmx4eva yeah what is it?

  37. skysurferuk

    Superb! Allez les mecs!

  38. rkfan101

    this isn’t called kite skiing its called speed riding

  39. MrBmx4eva

    very nice song

  40. syuehylf

    These aren’t parachutes or snowkitting kites. They are custom made small paragliders specifically designed for this. I wouldn’t recommend that you tried this with a traction kite!!

  41. PBKiteboarding

    Great Vid and Music,

    Lots of fun Great Sport! We’re starting our Snowkiting Season now!

    Just had a sweet ride!
    Many getting their kites and waiting to learn.

  42. xloop

    great stuff!!

  43. torgeri

    2:24 is beautiful, i cant imagine what a feeling….!

  44. LeChuck10

    Dezarie – Strengthen Your Mind

  45. jovanovm

    Does anyone know what the background track is?

  46. laet22zinal

    bravo les gars, avec vent de cul! felicitation

  47. adrenaguy900

    it’s a power kite

  48. adrenaguy900

    bskalak22 and 49erskiffxx…….these are know as power kites(Traction Kites)…This sport is really picking up popularity

  49. 49erskiffxx

    is that a normal kite

  50. bskalak22

    Is that a full sized parachute?

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