Kite Surfing at Panchgani’s Ravine Hotel


With an exponential rise in the popularity of adventure sports has come an equal rise in adventure holidays and adventure travel in India. It is no surprise then, that hotels and resorts all over the country are gearing up to woo the newfound demand for adventures. The Ravine Hotel in Panchgani is one such hotel cum resort that has fantastic amenities that cater to all your adventure sports needs. Whether it is paragliding or it is kite surfing, Panchgani's Ravine Hotel has some attractive adventure sporting options.

Ideal Panchgani

Of all the holiday destinations in India, why Panchgani?

•    Panchgani is not only a beautiful destination but it has the added bonus of being near Mumbai. So wherever you are; you can easily get to Panchgani, whether you choose to fly, to travel by train or to travel by car. Easy accessibility makes Panchgani a favorite with holiday goers.
•    Panchgani has beautiful, natural hillsides that leave ample scope for adventure sports such as paragliding and kite surfing. The unobstructed wide, open spaces and the calm water bodies are added advantages for the same as they provide varied landing options.
•    Panchgani is quite close to people staying in Mumbai and Pune and hence, very often people convert a Panchgani holiday into a day picnic that is usually filled with adventure.

Kite Surfing in Panchgani

Panchgani is a good option for kite surfing in India. When looking for good places and facilities for kite surfing, Panchgani pops up as a frontrunner due to the facilities provided by resorts like the Ravine Hotel. If you have an adrenaline rush to quench, the Ravine Hotel is where you need to be. Kite surfing at the Ravine Hotel in Panchgani has several points to its credit.
•    The kite surfing spot of the Ravine Hotel is about a half hour drive from the lodging site and takes you through some really scenic routes along the Dhom dam.
•    The site has a self sufficient boat club that provides world class emergency facilities to kite surfers if and when they need them. This is apart from the Ravine Hotel's independent safety provisions for their kite surfers.
•    Ravine Hotel's kite surfing spot boasts of a 15 knots (25 - 33 kms/hr) wind speed from April to mid June. Higher wind speeds can be noticed during the monsoons (mid June to early September). Such wind speeds are ideal for kite surfing.
•    As the wind picks up from around 1 pm. In the afternoon, any time after that till dusk is good for a kit surfing adventure. The best part about this is that the kite surfers can enjoy a morning swim, a relaxed sun bath and a lazy noontime lunch before they begin their adventure.
•    As the Ravine Hotel's kite surfing site is blessed with westerly to south-westerly winds, there is a great chance of getting good enough (for kite surfing) wind strengths here.

Enjoy Kite Surfing India at ravine hotel panchgani. Panchigani is a good option for kite surfing. Panchgani pops up as a frontrunner due to the facilities provided by resorts like the Ravine Hotel.

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