Kiteboard Kites ? Without It, The Kiteboarder Just Cannot Enjoy The Sport


One cannot separate the kite from the kiteboard - they are linked with each other deeply. A kite is something that cannot be done away with as it is essential to support even the most costly kiteboard that has been custom made with the best products. The kite only infuses life into the kiteboard, and it is not the other way round. This is why the sport lovers care about kiteboarding kites.

Resourceful manufacturers take proper care that the needs of their customers are fulfilled. The Cabrinha kites are one such example. As the brainchild of Pete Cabrinha (whose dedication to water sports has gained him world titles in three of the most famous events), these kites prove to be ideal even under the most grueling circumstances. And this is why, people fall for the Cabrinha kites.

North Kiteboarding and Slingshot are two of the hot favorite kiteboarding entrepreneurs the world has ever seen, and they have come up with the most stunning kiteboarding kites that pull people over the roughest waters the world over. The latest wave to rock in the kite making industry is IDS, the Intelligent Depower System, which is brought in by Slingshot's new RPM kites.

Kites made by the Spleene have higher efficiency levels too. Every type of kite is available from them - the one's for the learners to those that are meant for the experts. Earlier many people kept themselves away from water sports fearing fatal accidents but now their expert kites and instructional videos have made them to go for it.

Here are a few top rated kites that have created history in the realm of kiteboarding.

Slingshot RPM 10 m covers the range of newest kites that the company has recently launched. Capable of delivering exceptional performance and yet excelling at 'unhooked freestyle' riding, the RPM has few competitors.
Slingshot Rev - 7Meters is creating ripples among the pro players and the lovers of the game as it is a hybrid kite with great benefits, high-class consistency, superb reaction mode, sparkling efficiency and smooth maneuverability.
Cabrinha Switchblade IDS 14 m has undoubtedly built up a strong line of followers, due mostly to its functioning as a catalyst for many C-kite riders who appreciate these kiteboarding kites. It is capable of giving assurance and balance to riders of all capabilities due to its equilibrium and effortless pull and it is also the easiest kite for long shot thrusts. It has been declared by the testers that the Cabrinha Switchblade IDS falls in the premiere three models because it offers amazing 'unhooked freestyle' riding. It is very easy to adapt with this and it can also be carried easily as well.

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