Paper Kite


Paper Kite
Taken with my "old" lens. St. Louis Butterfly House - a part of the Missouri Botanical Garden.
I particularly like the "red" of the flowers glowing through the translucent right wing!!
1k-2068 Paper Kite
Image by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

Why must it snow? I'm really looking forward to the snow to melt so Lydia and I can go to the park and fly our matching Little Mermaid kites - by SadiesBigDreams (Sadie Bell)

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@JacquelinesLife kites are the new cycling. (or not, it sounded better in my head) - by NoahGK (Noah Kuttler)

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32 Responses to Paper Kite


    perfect touch!!! Black and white butterfly on red flower, it doesn’t get any better than this, Tim :)

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  2. Solitaire1

    Gorgeous Tim

  3. ImageInnovation Photography

    Great details and colors on the wings. Well done.

  4. mimbrava

    Fine capture, Tim. I like the implied motion of the vertical wing while the other stays perfectly still.

  5. mariacininha


  6. matuko amini


  7. Mamen Saura


  8. CeeCeeDotCa

    wonderful color contrast……..thats one hell of a butterfly…’s glowing!

  9. Turquoise Bleue

    beaucoup de remerciement pour votre appreciation de mes phhotos.
    Many thanks for your appreciation of my work.
    i am honoured.

  10. CaritoJames


  11. luisa_m_c_m_cruz

    Wonderful capture

  12. mary04

    Ah Tim Your macros are ever so spectacular………………….beautiful butterfly………………………. !!!!!

  13. *cindimh*

    absolutely amazing. i wish we had a butterfly house at the gardens!

  14. jon fobes

    nice paperkite!

  15. torushishikura

    vivid and cool!!

  16. *Agnes

    one of the most butterflys,

  17. zenera

    How spectacular, so pretty!

  18. Turquoise Bleue

    fantastic. i love your shot.

    I have a request : You have joyously participated at this mosaic (comment, picture, note…)
    Please add your name in a note near mine aroud the top in the red part, just for say that friendship around the world is really a great luck, a good thing and a strength.
    Flickr's Friends - Friendship around the world -

  19. tawfique

    i like this one (better than the one on finger) for some reason. maybe because of the red…
    oh, and thanks for the suggestion on my photos ..

  20. suesue2



    Absolutely stunning. Great clarity and dof. Love the black, white, and red!

  22. emptyone_1

    That is a really great shot.

  23. Joanie H

    Oooh! Fantastic! Great DoF and clarity!

  24. marlenells

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  25. kevine323

    very nice

  26. Turquoise Bleue

    I like this picture really very much so your shot is my favorite. If you want to see it in Turquoise’s mosaic of the week (26 mai 2006) click here
    Please if you want to see add a note on your own pix just for the pleasure. Merci beaucoup.

  27. Julie Hovis

    Beautiful! :)

  28. dsevilla

    Wonderful butterfly!

  29. cecillielopata

    so stunning! great shot!

  30. puck90

    awesome capture – nice color
    The World Through My Eyes

  31. LynchburgVirginia ?

    wonderful image very well done. The butterfly is fantastic.
    The World Through My Eyes

  32. Leley

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