Power Kites Review: Can this trainer kite really relaunch in water?

www.PowerKitesDirect.com The Hydra 300 3-Line Water Relaunchable Trainer Kite Hydra 300 and 350 The Hydra is a 3-Line Trainer Kite that is water relaunchable. It has closed cell ram-air inflation with no internal bladders to inflate. Easy relaunch with 3-Line flight system. See Video. Ready-to-Fly, with lines pre-attached to kite and control bar. Perfect for use as a water based Kite Boarding trainer. http hydra 300 Fabric:- The Hydra is made from high quality Rip-Stop Nylon fabric with an equally high specification stitched Dyneema (same as Spectra) Bridle. Flying Lines:- Hydra kites come complete with Control Bar, pre-stretched Dyneema (same as Spectra) Flying Lines, Safety Leash and Training Kite Guide. Line sets are 82ft long. Take a look at the HQ Trainer Kite Guide in PDF format for more details. www.PowerKitesDirect.com As with all sports equipment exposed to natural elements such as wind, sea water, dust, sand and sunlight, life expectancy varies. With heavy use in these conditions, Hydra kites can be expected to remain operationally effective for a minimum of 2 years. Of course, with moderate use and care, this time period can be lengthened considerably. To optimize performance, it is suggested that equipment be updated and replaced routinely. world's only water relaunchable trainer power kite. www.PowerKitesDirect.com Water training with the Hydra 300 The Hydra is a kite suitable for beginners wanting to gain experience with power kiting on the water. It has a ...

Power Kites Review: Can this trainer kite really relaunch in water?

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6 Responses to Power Kites Review: Can this trainer kite really relaunch in water?

  1. powerkitesdirect

    yes it relaunches in waves. we have some other videos of that. fun kite

  2. Castro8787

    Works nice on flat water but will it relaunch with waves slamming on the kite?

  3. powerkitesdirect

    Thank you – will have more soon of different models.

  4. lareveuse1977

    Great video! thanks for sharing….

  5. kelhalla

    closed cell ? that’s cool. i have a different brand and it won’t relaunch in water (or really at all). someone has to launch it for me.

  6. howtokite

    nice test. will check out site

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