Show Montreal – Two Kites

Show Montreal 1986 Tom Jobim e Banda Nova

Show Montreal - Two Kites

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25 Responses to Show Montreal – Two Kites

  1. calakmul57

    Difícil elegir si es mas bella la música o las cantantes. Ciao

  2. selmazwarg

    Que saudade de vc Tom…

  3. pliniopbnanet

    genius. This is not a very well known song, but it’s brilliant.

  4. acgb3486

    Hello, does anyone have the lead sheet for this song please? thanks

  5. kbrallz

    Demais!!! que isso…que composição!!
    olha a esse baixo do sebastiao neto…
    viva o Brasil de verdade!! pra voces que só escutam lady gaga e outros lixos..
    nunca é tarde…abram os olhos..tentem ao menos..

  6. downrightman

    A.C. Jobim..Brazils Gold Standard of Music.

  7. craignshari

    Tom makes all of his songs sexy and exciting…nothing on this earth more refreshing than listening to Toms Bossa Nova brillant tunes.

  8. pljms

    “I get a flash of your thigh like a spy in the sky”. One of the great song lines!

  9. sentimentalreason

    I ? Jobim …with all my heart :)
    eu gosto !

  10. Aurelio25

    This brazilian genius of popular music will be living forever in lover’s music hearts.
    God bless you Tom, wherever you are.

  11. kionkidking3

    niceeee song

  12. ursubar

    Maestro Jobim, I love you so much. Te amo tanto…

  13. meckafroes

    Saudades imensas….

  14. Zehbron

    Music, and particularly Tom Jobim, has to be considered one of Brasil’s greatest exports. Fabulous!

  15. beatrizebreda



    We do miss you a lot… RIP!

  17. swiggadean

    Ayn Rand!

  18. sothenisay

    awesome!! i love this track. i made a dope sample from this. I got the whole Jobim discography..


  19. lysiapaula

    amo muito esse “poeta” e suas brilhantes criações!!

  20. lysiapaula

    Amo esse HOMEM..e suas músicas…uma pena nunca ter o visto num show..

  21. MonkeyBars1

    brilliant! this is one of the most romantic songs of all time, lyrically.

  22. medicalwei

    There is now another version by his grandson in Lisa Ono’s latest album.

  23. Travagliod

    Nunca tinha ouvido essa, muito legal.

  24. Zephirus53221

    Verdadeiramente excelente.

    Truly excellent.

  25. leoray1234

    this song gives me a feeling of sitting in an outdoor bar drinking wine while watching the sun go down over the ocean. wonderful.

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