Son Kite – On Air [VJ SEU]

psychedelic trance Son Kite - On Air visual - SEU sg

Son Kite - On Air [VJ SEU]

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25 Responses to Son Kite – On Air [VJ SEU]

  1. miras1111


  2. miras1111


  3. tugiesto

    only trance…….

  4. animaonathens

    @00therapture “On air” man…is on the title…

  5. aris257



  6. 00therapture

    what is the name? of this track

  7. carrot1head

    on air forever!

  8. MrJw40

    I feel weird I have no idea what’s going on

  9. motis72


  10. Shontelle36

    This is fantastic. What synthesizer software? do you use? Or do you have an actual synthesizer?

  11. Shontelle36


  12. Dryvnvw

    Great music and visuals, excellent job!!

  13. TheMcCart

    This is fantastic. What synthesizer software do you use? Or do you have an actual synthesizer?

  14. elitenussknacker

    very good track but the vid is just more awesome! perfectly match the song

  15. xneonix

    13 people wouldn’t know awesome music if it slapped them in the face.

  16. justarryarland


  17. lowatech

    @HITEMXI No es psytrance, lol

  18. stinsens


    No need for technical stuff just psychadelical substances….8)


    psychedelictrance goooood..!!!!!

  20. doidovan

    awsomeeeeeeee i want to do thissssss too!!!!

  21. peponillos

    Excellent, beautiful and incredible video,
    my congratulations

  22. 22h22

    @hal9thou001 What happened to them? Minilogue, one of the greatest electronic duo in the game. Their album “Animal” is just a big kick in the brain.

  23. livedone


  24. mrAZcardinal

    Wheres Distorpia anyone??

  25. grassjah

    what program u need to create this video? Please help

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