“The Kite” from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”

This is the segment "The Kite" from the animated version. It also includes a segment with Sally. Please do not ask for "Beethoven Day" or "My New Philosophy." Those songs were only in the 1999 version. This 1985 special is based on the 1967 show, which did not include those two. I DO NOT OWN PEANUTS PEANUTS IS OWNED BY UNITED FEATURES SYNDICATE AND CHARLES M. SCHULZ

"The Kite" from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!"

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25 Responses to “The Kite” from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”

  1. L100Meganium

    It will never be the same when adults sing this. Charlie singing in a traditional kid’s voice is just unimaginably adorable. <3

  2. luzma89

    i cant fiy a kite but hes lucky he HAS a kite.

  3. WebkinzStar346

    i love this song

  4. WebkinzStar346

    i love this somg

  5. Switch84pmb

    O I have a glee club audition with this song lol

  6. Rockinlyrandomshow

    can you upload the whole movie ?

  7. SnowbirdFlock

    @Undetermined1986 Yeah, ordinary Patty got shoved out of the lead girl role by Violet & Lucy, the more domineering girls. In my experience, I have worse luck flying a kite than Charlie Brown! I would tell him that, if he were here.

  8. girfan1011


  9. ledzeppelin1199

    Don’t worry Charlie Brown… I can’t fly a kite either… =)

  10. Mufulity

    Poor Charlie Brown. The whole time I saw this play in real life, I was thinking ‘Poor Charlie Brown! xD’

  11. xP3ppermint

    poor woodstock :P

  12. TheRastaJoe101

    okay, i’m in this play, And I LOVE being in it. But answer me this: I know Charlie Brown stinks at flying kites, but what kind of a kite chases moles?

  13. loey12886

    poor Charlie Brown, he’s always getting his Kite stuck in that tree

  14. TherealRNO

    @aqua1993: And me. I am like Charlie Brown when it comes to sports and kite-flying. I lose practically every game I enter into and when I flew my kites as a young’n, they would always either crashed to the ground in dramatic fashion or they would–aptly–get stuck in a tree.

  15. TherealRNO

    @broadwaydude2378: No. It was one of the original songs from the initial musical that didn’t make it into the animated special, probably for time alottments and some such fiddle faddle.

  16. TherealRNO

    @KBAFourthtime: Oddly, I am surprised that “The Doctor is In” and “Little Known Facts” didn’t make it into the special, when they were part of the original score.

  17. ManaYuGiOhGX5Ds

    I love his singing XD! Im playing Snoopy atm X3!

  18. BigBulgeCheeks

    Love this song, auditioning for the part of Charlie Brown at my college but I’m nervous about singing this on my own, plus my American accent is shit so Charlie Brown will have to be broad yorkshire. Tha’s a good lad charlie brown.

  19. timeflies09

    im singing this for an audition

  20. MMMmaire78

    i like the song

  21. cutebanter

    Reminds me of when I made a kite in second grade, for a project. The lines got tangled up. T__T

  22. ronnyim12345

    0:32 it sounds like he’s saying “till i get it in the ass somehow”

  23. webkinzjust4u

    I love flying kites!!! even tho my kite is a pocket kite! :(

  24. Undetermined1986

    Yet if you look closely at the special’s beginning, ordinary Patty still makes a cameo.

  25. happywagondude

    i bought the 1999 broadway album on itunes. 1000000000 PERCENT BETTER THAN THIS!

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