U2 Kite Sydney 2006-11-10

www.u2gigs.com - U2 performing Kite at the 1st Sydney concert on November 10th, 2006.

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25 Responses to U2 Kite Sydney 2006-11-10

  1. greatrack1

    Best Band Ever- can not wait to see every show in OZ in 2010.

    Best Band Live Ever – no one comes close.

  2. B0N0FAN

    do you have the rest of it??

  3. MrLonelyplanet

    My cat just passed away & I am crushed…this is the only song that gives me comfort

  4. imedi

    @magsieboy2501 well said agree 100%

  5. franpride

    the most beautiful song

  6. patrickdooleybrown

    I was at this show and it was great! I agree the sound quality is not great.

  7. eliezeri

    Sound quality is bad. There are better versions of “Kite” on YouTube.

  8. MrBillybighands

    Best band that fell out of Ireland. Sing it bono cya in th pub Top tune. Keep tellin her IM A MAN N NOT A CHILD….

  9. quinbrady

    was at this show with my friend Bart, amazing night

  10. luieu2

    this song was the last song i saw in a u2 concert 2006 vertigo tour ,i love the didgeroodoo awsome.

  11. hateMEoyeaHATEme

    w w w. oldskool . org/ archives/ u2sucks

  12. magsieboy2501

    No one will ever beat them or take their crown of being the Best Recording/live act ever.The Beatles were nearly as good but we only got about 9 years of music from them,The Stones havent made a semi decent album since the seventies whilst U2 have 27 years of material to offer,they have performed live to over 11 million people and performed over1300 lve gigs.And every album bar POP,raises the bar for everyone.They are the only megaband who still do albums which make them bigger!NLOTH FUCK!020309

  13. felvino

    Best band in the world.

  14. eddieved23

    2nd nite sydney show (saturday) the kite got stuck.

  15. nvdesertrat76

    It’s on Window In The Skys part 2. Depending on where you are it could be an import. It’s a Canadian single.

  16. Ziminho19

    i meant “Window In The Skies”

  17. Ziminho19

    i think it´s on the “Winod in the skies” single.maybe i´will buy the cd because of this beautiful version.i love this song.
    ty for this nice record.for me it´s one of the most beautiful u2 songs.

  18. armpits5

    That was outstanding.Can someone tell me where to find this on a single. At 14 years of age i got into u2 and they are still shit hot to me as a 29 year old.

  19. skinnefjall

    great version of this fantastic song

  20. voutespancar

    Still the best song fom the 2000′s U2

  21. U2006com

    It is from the first night for sure. I recorded that one myself so I guess i should know :)

  22. superfruitloop

    That cant have been from the first concert because Bono tried to burn through the string at the first concert and the kite itself got stuck near the top of the screen on the right side of the stage nice video though the first concert i was about there the entire nite!!! :)

  23. balzak11

    Brilliant lyrics!!

  24. GonzaU2

    I prefer the Slane Castle version, but this it’s good too

  25. ElvenPiress

    Oh, Ok. Thnaks for explaining that. I was a bit confused :)

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