What ancient chinese dynasty invented the kite and when?

I have to do a kite project for school. I can't find this information anywhere! I really need to know this for my report! I need to know what dynasty invented kites and in what BC time it was. Please answer this and if you found any helpful websites that would be awesome!

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  1. Light Knight

    One of the earliest written accounts kites is about 200 B.C. During the Han Dynasty when the Chinese General Han Hsin deployed it for a battle. However this does not mean that the kite was invented by any dynasty or even in China. Only that this is the first documented use, not where he got the idea from. There is other evidence supporting that it may have been developed separately or even before in the South Pacific Islands where they are used for fishing. This has been handed down through oral traditions and some cave art. It is likely to have developed separately over a wide area a few thousand years ago. There are several theories of how kites were discovered. Natural leaves, clothes hanging on a line, tore away sails on a boat. Keep in mind that these are all just theories and archeology evidence may someday prove one over another.

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