What does it mean to dream about Kites?

What does it mean to dream about Kites?
Last night I dreamt that I was on top of a hill with a group of people, some I knew and some I didn't, of all different ages. They were all flying kites, and whilst I was there somebody began to fly a white kite. Can somebody tell me what this might mean? Thanks!

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Answer by Outcast
Too... Much... Geometry... Argh!

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6 Responses to What does it mean to dream about Kites?

  1. Taylor24

    who cares its just a dream

  2. Robin's Paradox

    Your desire to be more free, maybe to live a more carefree life. But you haven’t let go of something (ie. the kite is still attached via string).

  3. Dab_1493

    Flying a kite may symbolize that there is opportunity you want to take. You want to let people know your ability, what you are made of in terms of things you want to know.

    Flying a kite can also mean of freedom, you may be seeking for freedom in some sort. Whether it is about freedom or opportunity you are seeking, there may be some obstacles in your life. Projecting wind pulling the string of the kite may reflect some obstacles and difficulties you may encounter when it comes to your desire, opportunities.

    It also might mean that you are an Aquarius.


    It apparently means that you need to broaden your range of friends. Hence the reason why you knew some and didn’t know some. Or it can mean that you lack in particular characteristics and the ppl you didn’t know were there to fill in the spaces.

    a guess…

    Add on: The kite represents you and what path (or choice) you will or will not take. Freedom to do whatever. OR the white kite could represent surrender or something along the lines of purity. Not taking enough chances or not taking a leap of faith (hence the hill) to pursue what you should have done in the past.

    Have you turned down something recently? A job? School CHoice? A friend? Your parents? whatever…

  5. stingray

    a flying Kite is alone and wanting to be free but is still on a anchor a (string).
    all those people are wanting their freedom from the confines of a relationship
    but are still tied down not getting their freedom from the confines of a relationship.

  6. totsproter

    My educated guess would be that your the kite and your attached to the string, the string is your family and friends, the wind is your life, everyday is a windy day so the wind is still there. The group of friends probably represent the people in your life you REALLY care about. The white kite represents your past, present, future, dreams, hopes, etc.

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