What type of kiteboarding kite should I get?


What type of kiteboarding kite should I get?
I took a few kiteboarding lessons and bought a scout 3 trainer kite and I was wondering what the next type of kite should be like. Any suggestions?
I'm 6' 1" and 155 lbs.

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Answer by Jamie Osborne
The best advice i could give you would be Practice with that kite OVER and OVER and OVER until you get really good at it! Once you done that i advice you then get another lesson and brush up on the on water kiting skills. Then ask the instructor for advice when it comes to kite as he will know you better than any one on the Internet will.

I use a 7M kite and im 9 Stone and about 5'9" I think i might have to get a bigger kite for the non windy days... It does depend on how windy it is on the day that your out.

I hopefully to get another 10M kite in the future for those less windy days.

Hope this helps :)

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  1. Sean T

    I suggest, once you’re confident with your 3m, that you go for a delta 9m kite such as a best kahoona (or something similar) as it offers complete depower if you get into trouble, almost automatic relaunch and low down grunt for those light wind days. The delta kites along with the bow style kites are very safe for beginners yet will last you as your skills improve, you are very unlikely to outgrow this kind of kite. On a safety note ALWAYS wear a helmet, and welcome to the fantastic sport of kitesurfing, there’s nothing quiet like it :o)

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