X-Kites XL Sport Red Kite

Dual control nylon sport kites. Dual control, high performance, fiberglass airframe, handles and line.wingspan: 80 " height: 33 " sail: Ripstop polyester frame: Hollow fiberglass wind rating: 7-20 mph age rating: 10 to adult

  • Dual control
  • High performance
  • Fiberglass airframe
  • Minimal wind required
  • Includes handle and string

Kites on Twitter

Grassroots Mapping with Balloons or Kites http://icio.us/YPn6T6 - by arttesano (Juan Carlos Pachon)

@matthewLstewart apparently you aren't supposed to fly kites on the roof - by KillerKrisi (Kristina Michelle)

Saturday: free-form radio festival Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XI with R. Stevie Moore, Kites Sail High, more http://t.co/3065KQ1 - by thebaybridged (The Bay Bridged)

RT @JeriLRyan: Adorable!!! If this doesn't make u smile, check your pulse. :-) http://bit.ly/fTZdJk /via @Linda_M_Lee - by TekF (Ben Weston)

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